Runze Wu - 吴润泽

Welcome to my home page!!

I currently lead User Profiling Group of Fuxi AI Lab, NetEase Inc. My interests cover a wide range of domains like user modeling, personalization, behavior analysis, and AI for novel applications. My colleagues and I have published dozens of top-tier AI conference/journal papers like KDD, AAAI, ICDE, CIKM, TKDE, TKDD, TOIS. Our research outcomes have been successfully applied and integrated into many top online games released by NetEase Games.

(中文版: 我现在负责网易伏羲实验室用户画像研究组,研究兴趣包括用户建模、个性化、行为分析以及人工智能的崭新应用等多个领域。我们团队已经在国际人工智能领域的高水平会刊发表30+论文包括KDD、AAAI、ICDE、CIKM、TKDE、TKDD、TOIS等。我们研究成果也成功应用和集成到网易多款顶尖大型网络游戏如逆水寒、永劫无间、倩女幽魂、天谕手游等。 )

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